We recognize that in order to provide the highest quality legal representation to our clients, we need to apply our legal expertise and knowledge and spend an adequate amount of time providing personalized service, so that each client’s legal needs are fully met.

We also understand that the costs of legal representation, especially in areas as vitally important as our often encountered in family law cases, often strain or even break many family budgets. We ALWAYS provide a written estimate of what we expect the costs of your case will be, and we strive to maintain an eye on the total costs of your case throughout our representation.

We charge $100 for our initial office consultation, which usually lasts about one hour, so that you can explain your case to us, and evaluate whether or not you want us to represent you, at an affordable cost. If you decide to have us represent you, and we agree to take your case, the total costs will depend upon what kind of case it is, how difficult the case will be, and how long it takes.

After we have heard the facts and circumstances of your case, we will provide a written estimate of what we believe your expenses will be, before any legal representation is undertaken. We do charge an hourly rate, which we will be glad to explain to you at your first visit, and, in order to minimize expenses and maximize economy, we use a team approach involving both attorneys and our legal assistants who bill at a much lower rate, under strict supervision of our attorneys, to handle more routine matters.

We also will try to use flat rate charges whenever we can, so that we can save you expenses wherever possible. There is no charge in our office for legal secretarial time, and again all of this will be explained in your first visit to our office, at is all repeated, IN WRITING, in the written fee agreement we provide in each and every case.

While we do recognize the need for economy, we do not take “short cuts” that may jeopardize your case. We understand you are coming to us because of our ability to represent you effectively and to the best of our abilities, and while we remain cost-conscious, we do not do so at the expense of effective representation.

Although our hourly rate may be higher than some other lawyers, we believe that our expertise and experience allows us to resolve issues in less time, thereby actually saving costs. Our office does accept credit card payments.