Our office provides a full range of family law services, including representation in the termination of marriages, post-divorce litigation, including enforcement and modification of court orders, child custody and support cases, pre-nuptial agreements, spousal support matters, and a wide variety of other family law matters, including grandparent and other parties rights, step-parent adoptions and interstate and international family law litigation.

Because we have chosen to limit our practice exclusively to family law, we have developed unsurpassed experience in family law cases, and as such we are able to effectively represent our clients interests against firms of any size. Because our practice is so narrowly defined, we have been able to amass a tremendous amount of expertise in all family law matters. We have handled thousands of family law cases, from the very simple to the extremely complex, and are proud of our outstanding record of service to our clients.

Our two attorneys have over 50 combined years of experience in family law, and have developed, over the course of their specialized practice, decades of experience and expertise, as well as the maturity to recognize the “human” side of what can often be a very emotional and traumatic experience for our clients. We work not only with our clients, but also when the need arises, with other specialized professionals such as accountants, psychologists, business evaluators, vocational experts, financial planners and appraisers to ensure our clients needs are met at every level and throughout every stage of our representation.

Although most of our practice is in Wayne, Holmes, and Ashland Counties, we will handle matters in other counties, on a selected basis, and in the past have successfully represented clients in Coshocton, Richland, Huron, Medina, Knox, Tuscarawas and Ashtabula Counties in family law matters. We have also represented a host of clients from around the United States, as well as many individuals from foreign countries, including Germany, England, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa to name a few.

We work hard to try and settle cases out of court whenever possible, while recognizing that it is not always possible to settle every case. In those instances when settlement is not possible, we use our experience and expertise to guide you and your case through the litigation process.

We charge a one-time initial consultation fee of $100 when we first meet, so you can explain your case to us, after which we will provide an initial assessment and work with you to determine what options are available to you and which one makes the most sense on the particular facts of your case. At the initial appointment, we will explain, in addition to your choices, how much we think the case will cost and how long it will take. To get the process started, call us at 330-262-2510, or e-mail us at svlaw@sssnet.com and schedule an appointment.