Attorney Ash Recognized as Specialist

Attorney Michael J. Ash of Vinion Ash Law, LLC, was recently recognized by the Ohio State Bar Association Family Relations Law Specialty Board, as a certified specialist in the practice of family relations law.

Board certification requires extensive practice experience in the area of family law, a thorough knowledge of federal and state law, including statutes and case law, written evaluations from other lawyers attesting to the lawyer’s expertise, and recommendations from sitting Judges and Magistrates before whom the lawyer appears and tries cases, as well as a rigorous, multi-hour examination in which the lawyer’s knowledge of federal and state law is tested, including on such subjects and business valuations, taxation, bankruptcy, as well as child custody, and alimony.

Attorney Ash joins Attorney Vinion as the only board certified specialists in the area of family relations law in Wayne, Holmes and Ashland Counties.

Michael continues to handle complex, high conflict and high asset cases in Wayne, Holmes and Ashland Counties, as well as around the state.