July 2018: Major child support legislation signed by Governor

Governor John Kasich signed HB 366 into law on July 1, 2018, causing first major overhaul of Ohio’s child support legislation in 25 years. The new law will officially take effect March 28, 2019.

This new legislation totally overhauls the way child support is calculated in Ohio. The revision is expected to have major implications for people who have child support orders or who will be assigned a child support order in the future.

Specifically, the law changes, among other things, key provisions of existing child support law including:

  • The way child support is created when combined income exceeds $150,000
  • The way “minimum orders” are calculated
  • How child support is calculated when an Obligor is paying for children in multiple families
  • Where there are a larger number of children, three, four, five or six in one family
  • How child care costs impact the support obligation
  • How cash medical support is calculated
  • How deviations are to be granted
  • The impact increased parenting time will have on child support orders

If you are subject to a current child support order, or in the process of a court or an administrative agency issuing a child support order in the near future, please contact our office so that your rights can be fully explained and protected.