We recognize that legal problems can pose some of the most difficult and emotional issues for people to deal with. We also recognize that when a client comes into our office, he or she is looking for the highest quality legal advice, mature and reasoned counsel, and representation that meets his or her specific needs. We strive to provide compassionate representation to each client we serve.

We take the time necessary to hear our clients, to understand their concerns and the issues in their case, and we always work hard to maintain impeccable ethical standards. We know our clients need much more than just legal advice on any particular problem, and we try and adopt a more holistic approach, and give our clients our best counsel regarding both the questions they ask, as well as the questions they do not think to ask.

We maintain our familiarity with the latest developments in our areas of practice by attending numerous seminars and constant review of legal articles, cases and legislative developments at the state and national level, so that we can provide appropriate and timely answers to even the most difficult questions. We also are familiar with related areas which clients need to be familiar with, including such topics as bankruptcy, federal regulations, and tax laws that apply to family law matters, and recognize that in order to do our job most effectively, we must understand the implications these related areas have for our clients’ sake.

In the end, we strongly encourage our clients to take responsibility for their own lives. Even though we stand ready to assist, and give expert counsel and advice, we know that every decision that a client must live with must be made by the client, and only the client, since it is their lives we are dealing with. We would never think of forcing any resolution on any client, and would never settle a case, or any part of a case for that matter, without first fully explaining the settlement to our client, making sure they understand it, getting their consent, and having them make the final decision.

We are willing to put everything we say in writing, as evidenced by our use of a fee agreement in every case, that spells out exactly what we tell you in person, and a copy of every piece of paper that comes into our office or goes out of our office related to your case, goes to each client as well. From our years of experience we know that truly effective legal representation requires a professional attitude by the attorney and teamwork between the attorneys in the office, the client, other professionals that might be part of our representation team and our excellent staff members, and we work hard to make sure the professional relationship is a success for each client. We know full well that although we may have many cases, each client only has one, and that each client needs and deserves the absolute best assistance we can provide.

Finally, a hallmark of our philosophy of representation is that since litigation can be long, costly, and almost always highly emotionally charged, cases should be settled out of court wherever it is possible to do so FAIRLY. Therefore we try to settle cases whenever possible, so that our clients can avoid whenever possible, these negative aspects of being caught up in the system. We are however experienced enough to recognize that some cases just cannot be settled, and when circumstances leave no other viable option, we do not hesitate to use our vast experience and expertise to fully protect your rights. We believe that is why you have hired us, and that you deserve no less than our best.