Representative Cases

Every case is different, and no results can be guaranteed. These cases represent the kinds of experience and results we have obtained for our other clients in our local courts. The information provided below is all public record and in most cases available online.

  • Neville v Neville (2003) Holmes County Divorce

    We successfully convinced the Ohio Supreme Court to reverse a decision from the Fifth District Court of Appeals, which changed the law in divorce cases throughout Ohio.

  • Saal v Saal (2001) Wayne County Child Custody Case

    Our office was asked by another attorney to handle an appeal for Ms. Saal after the trial court changed custody of her minor children from her to her ex-husband. We successfully appealed the decision, which led the Ninth District Court of Appeals to reverse the trial court’s decision, and the children being returned to the rightful care of their mother.

  • Gluck v Gluck (2005) Wayne County Divorce

    We represented a local attorney who was going through a divorce. We were able to negotiate and successfully resolve the case by reaching an agreement that was fair to both sides.

  • Jones v Jones (2007) Wayne County Divorce

    We represented a physician in a divorce against a career military officer and helped her secure a fair property division award as well as primary custody of her children.  Subsequently, we successfully defended her rights in several post-decree litigation matters involving the allocation of parental rights and financial issues.

  • Wenger v Wenger (2007) Wayne County Divorce

    A high asset divorce involving a farm family where we successfully represented our client, including the filing of an appeal . The Ninth District Court of Appeals agreed with our position on appeal, which resulted in a reversal of the trial court’s ruling and our client receiving $200,000 more than she had been awarded in the original divorce.

  • In re ____ (2016) Ashland County Grandparent Rights Case

    After being told by multiple lawyers that they could do nothing to prevent their grandchild from being adopted, our clients contacted us and we successfully convinced the judge to allow them to participate in the proceedings. Eventually the adoption was dismissed, which allowed our clients to maintain a relationship with their grandchild.

  • Glass V Glass (2011) Ashland County Divorce

    Following a multi-day trial, we obtained an order for our client which provided for a fair property division and an appropriate alimony award.

  • Bradford v Bradford (2015) Coshocton County Divorce

    We became involved in this case after the original attorney representing one of the parties asked us to take the case over. We agreed and were able to successfully negotiate a resolution of the issues in dispute, including child custody issues and complex business and financial matters involving a CPA and a business owner.

  • In re J.D. (1991) International Child Custody Case

    An international child custody dispute where we helped a Canadian parent retrieve custody of a child who had been wrongfully removed to Ohio by the other parent. By using the Writ of Habeus Corpus and the International Child Abduction Remedies Act we were able to secure the prompt return of the child to our client in Canada, where the child had resided prior to his abduction.

  • Tate v. Tate (2018) Holmes County Divorce

    A high-asset, commercial farming divorce case that arose in Holmes County, which involved many complex economic issues. After a trial lasting six full days, we obtained for our client a fair property division and an appropriate award of spousal support. We then successfully defended our client’s judgment against appeals filed in both the Fifth District Court of Appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court.


"Lon is an experienced attorney with an outstanding reputation in Wayne County.  He helped me navigate the juvenile court system and obtained an excellent result for me and my family.  Lon was always responsive, helpful and compassionate and I am very thankful for his assistance in a difficult and protracted custody matter."


“I can’t say enough good about Lon and his staff.  He got me a wonderful settlement in my divorce, better than anything I could have expected.  I went in on that very first appointment with Lon very distraught after being a stay at home wife and mother for almost 30 years and Lon was kind and reassuring.  He worked very hard for me and was a lifesaver for me.  I would recommend him to anyone.”


“I couldn’t have found a better attorney to represent me.  Lon handled things efficiently and effectively.  He explained each and every option and the impact of each one.  He guided me when I had questions and helped me every step of the way.  Lon is extremely knowledgeable in all areas.  I would never consider using another attorney after working with Lon.  He is the ultimate professional and everyone in his office is extremely helpful.”