We have represented clients from all walks of life. Our clients have included doctors, clergymen, elected and appointed public officials at the local and state level, farmers, homemakers, (both male and female) teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs, the self-employed and even other lawyers to name but a few of the hundreds of different occupations we have encountered in our practice. We have provided excellent representation to high profile players in professional sports, including the NFL, and treat of our cases with the respect, confidentiality and professionalism they deserve.

We have represented people locally, from around the state of Ohio, and from around the nation and even around the world in family law matters being contested in Ohio. Our firm is well versed in Ohio, interstate and international family law, and Attorney Vinion even published an article on international child custody cases that was cited as authority and utilized to decide the cases by two state and federal courts.

We represent men and women in about equal numbers, and are very proud of the fact that our clients choose us because they recognize our commitment to, and expertise in, family law matters. We actively listen to each client, so their stories are heard, and we provide insightful and compassionate representation, including vigorous litigation when necessary, and savvy leadership and advice throughout settlement discussions and negotiations.

In short, our clients are truly representative and reflective of the face of America. And, although at any one time we may have many clients at the firm, we remember each client has only one case, his or her own, and that one case is one of the most important things in each client’s life at that moment. We do all we can to ensure a resolution that is fair, just and timely rendered without unnecessary delays.