There are literally thousands of attorneys in the State of Ohio to choose from, so a fair question is “Why should I choose your office to represent me?” We believe the answer to that question is both obvious and compelling. We recognize how important this decision is and also how involved it may be, reflecting both the desire for the best possible representation and legal services, and obtaining those services at an affordable cost. We work hard to make sure you get the best possible representation at a fair and reasonable cost. When considering which attorney or law firm is right for you, consider these other important factors. 

First, consider specialization. Just as you would want a specialized physician to handle your complex medical issues, you should also want an attorney with specialized expertise to handle your important family law case. We do ONLY family law matters. We don’t take other kinds of cases and try to handle family law matters as a sideline, or try and squeeze your case in when we have time between other kinds of cases. To the contrary, we devote one hundred percent of our time, energies, expertise and talents to family law cases only, and the expertise and experience we have developed in our combined sixty-five years of practice experience is unparalleled. The fact of the matter is, only Vinion Ash Law, LLC, has not only one, but two board certified specialists in family law in this area! No other firm in Wayne, Holmes or Ashland County can make that claim! Board certification is a specific recognition by other family law experts about the experience, qualifications and expertise of the board certified member which is the highest recognition Ohio provides.

Second, be sure to compare expertise and experience. Although there may be other lawyers who claim they also limit their practice to family law, do they possess the same level of experience and expertise as our firm? The answer is clearly no. No other local firm can compare to our qualifications, expertise, and experience. Our office has the our office has the ONLY TWO board certified relations law specialists in this geographic area. Attorney Vinion was certified in 2000, and more recently Attorney Ash became recognized as a board certified specialist as well. Attorney Vinion has also been elected to fellowship in the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, something he earned three decades ago, in 1989. No other local lawyer has ever accomplished this feat. He was recognized as an Ohio “Super Lawyer” in family law fifteen times, no other local attorney has attained that recognition even once. He was a former domestic relations referee magistrate and has thirty-nine years of practice in family law.

Similarly, Attorney Ash has a dozen years of legal experience as a practicing attorney in the Wayne-Holmes area. He began his legal career as a law clerk for the Wayne County Common Pleas Court and has handled many cases in Wayne, Medina and surrounding Counties against many different lawyers and law firms, and he is skilled in negotiating favorable results for his clients when he can, and successfully litigating cases when negotiation is not a viable option. In addition to his law degree, Mike also holds an MBA which provides him with a unique understanding of complex business issues, and he is well versed in handling complex and difficult financial issues in a family law setting. In the past few years alone, Attorney Ash has handled many high asset, high conflict, and complicated divorce and dissolution cases in this area.

Because Lon and Mike combine their talents to work on cases together, they form a truly formidable team to promote and protect your interests.

Third, consider who chooses our firm to represent them. We have often been asked to provide advice and representation of those intimately involved with the legal system, including individuals who work for the courts, professionals who deal regularly with the courts, and even, perhaps most importantly, other lawyers who understand family law. These people have an intimate knowledge of who is the best choice to represent their interests in family law matters, and we are rightfully proud they often choose us when their need arises. That fact alone should tell you a lot about our capabilities and reputation in the legal community. Additionally, when outside experts are looking for competent local counsel, they typically select Vinion Ash Law, LLC. That is how we have become involved in cases involving professional athletes, including from the NFL, cases involving counsel from NY City, Washington DC and Los Angeles, as well as from other cities, states and countries from around the world. These are professionals trained to find the very best, and they typically contact and select our office for representation in these complex matters.

Fourth, is our commitment to meet and exceed the highest ethical standards. This benefits our clients in several ways. First, because they can be assured we are acting ethically in their best interests, and also because they should know we have a reputation for ethical practice before the courts, who in turn, know they can rely on what we are saying.

Finally, consider personal experience. Lon and Mike have the personal life experience in addition to their legal experience that allows them to recognize the very real human side of divorce and other family law issues, and to provide insightful, caring and compassionate counsel throughout the process, from start to finish.

In short, if you review all of your options carefully, it should become clear that only one firm, our firm, has the experience, recognition, and experience to provide the best service to you in your time of need. We provide outstanding legal representation at a fair price and always put your interests first. Those are the reasons we should be in your corner, representing your interests, at the critical hour of need in your family law matter.